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SIGGRAPH 2012, Los Angeles, US

SIGGRAPH 2012, Los Angeles, US

Welcome to the home of Tob. My areas of interest and expertise include computer graphics in general, real-time global illumination and augmented reality. I am a Senior Graphics Engineer at Unity Technologies.

This webpage features a portfolio of projects I'm working on, publications I have been involved in and a casually maintained log to keep it all together. If you have any questions or comments regarding my publications, source code or other things, feel free to contact me at:
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Alternatively, you can reach me on Twitter:


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@thefranke says

Olli Queck


This scene is almost done - cleanup & final rendering soon. @unity3d's gpu lightmapper is wonderful by now!
#madewithunity #HDRP #realtimevfx

Tobias A. Franke


A raytracer written in... CMake. Why tho?…

Mean Squared Error


EPFL Professor Wenzel Jakob (@wenzeljakob) delivered a keynote lecture at HPG 2020 summarizing the emerging field of differentiable rendering, showcasing applications and describing the challenges of inverse rendering + state-of-the-art solutions…

Zhaoyang Lv


Sharing our recent work about NeRF in FRL Research. We jointly reconstructed two NeRFs for a rigid moving scene, and it works to track my roomba robot. :)


Tobias A. Franke


One of my two all-time favorites. The other one being Sam & Max Hit the Road.…

Tobias A. Franke


Got my shovel ready, Astra Militarum here I come!…