Tobias Alexander Franke

Introducing Tob

Äkäslompolo, Finland

Äkäslompolo, Finland

Welcome to the home of Tob. My areas of interest and expertise include computer graphics in general, real-time global illumination and augmented reality. I work at Huawei as Principal Game Engine Architect.

This webpage features a portfolio of projects I’m working on, publications I have been involved in and a casually maintained log to keep it all together. If you have any questions or comments regarding my publications, source code or other things, feel free to contact me at:
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Alternatively, you can reach me on Twitter:


You can leave a tip if my code or log was helpful.


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Kostas Anagnostou


I wrote a blog post with some random shader tips and tricks I've come across, most of them revolving around performance, with resources for further study.…

Kummer Speck


Who did this? 😂
Ping : a short story.

János Turánszki


First look at Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination (DDGI) in Wicked Engine:…
(DX12, Vulkan, software and hardware raytracing implementations)



The annual #globalgamejam is set to start on the 20th, with the yearly theme "Duality."

This could be a great chance to team up with more #O3DE users and make something great!

For more information on this Jam, head over to their home page.


Studio MDHR


Coming to you in full color and cine-sound, it’s…The Cuphead Show! Watch the brand new trailer today, and witness the Inkwell Isles as you’ve never seen them before when the show debuts on February 18th, exclusively on @Netflix.

For even more fun, visit!

Cobbled Bits Of Bone - Zine has been released!


At last, we are pleased to present to you our Dishonored digital fanzine Cobbled Bits of Bone! This free digital publication and all accompanying digital merchandise are available for download in the thread below!! #dishonored #fanzine #dishonoredfanzine



Falcon 9’s first stage has landed on Landing Zone 1