Introducing Tob

Manhatten, New York, US

Manhatten, New York, US

Welcome to the home of Tob. My areas of interest and expertise include computer graphics in general, real-time global illumination and augmented reality. I am a graphics programmer at Unity Technologies.

This webpage features a portfolio of projects I'm working on, publications I have been involved in and a casually maintained log to keep it all together. If you have any questions or comments regarding my publications, source code or other things, feel free to contact me at:
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Alternatively, you can reach me on Twitter:


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Don Williamson


@kenpex Get uBlock Origin and use the pictured rules. It makes Twitter bearable again. Honestly, I don't know how you'd use Twitter normally without considering if life needs to hit the reset button several times a day.

Ben 🎃 Bartlett


Lenticular lenses can be used to blur images along a single direction

Tobias A. Franke


Impressive display of deep fakery. Some of the changes are so subtle you wouldn’t notice immediately if it weren’t for the voice.…

Tobias A. Franke


A somewhat important addendum to the Mitsuba 2 paper link…

Tobias A. Franke


It's finally here! "Mitsuba 2: A Retargetable Forward and Inverse Renderer"…

RIP my weekend.