Tobias Alexander Franke


Before we begin, let’s review the basics of an AR application that enhances the image by one or more additional 3D objects. Several components are necessary to get going, so lets just make a list of everything:

Having these parts is the minimum input to start rendering something nice. Additional hardware can however make the entire system more dynamic. This is of course limited by how mobile your AR system should end up. Bullet number 3, the reconstruction of reality, is a rather complex issue which can be heavily supported by additional hardware. Let’s have a look at some of them:

The take-away message is this: a great relighting solution can get even better if we add a little bang to it with some neat active sensors. The renderer can survive with fewer assumptions about reality, which is always a good thing! Overdoing this however can impact the mobility and flexibility of the overall system.

 General Tracking Hardware Reconstruction