Delta Light Propagation Volumes for Mixed Reality

Tobias Alexander Franke 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR)

Teaser A textured bust (left) is inserted into the scene, receiving red indirect light from the ground and casting a slight shadow.


Indirect illumination is an important visual cue which has traditionally been neglected in mixed reality applications. We present Delta Light Propagation Volumes, a novel volumetric relighting method for real-time mixed reality applications which allows to simulate the effect of first bounce indirect illumination of synthetic objects onto a real geometry and vice versa. Inspired by Radiance Transfer Fields, we modify Light Propagation Volumes in such a way as to propagate the change in illumination caused by the introduction of a synthetic object into a real scene. This method combines real and virtual light in one representation, provides improved temporal coherence for indirect light compared to previous solutions and implicitly includes smooth shadows.


Supplemental video


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