Adapting Precomputed Radiance Transfer to Real-time Spectral Rendering

Karsten Schwenk, Tobias Alexander Franke, Timm Drevensek, Arjan Kuijper, Ulrich Bockholt and Dieter Fellner Proceedings of Eurographics 2010

Teaser A replication of the Metacow image rendered with our spectral PRT method. Left: Illuminant D65, center: Illuminant A, right: Illuminant F2. RGB rendering would not resolve the metamers under illuminants A and F2.


Spectral rendering takes the full visible spectrum into account when calculating light-surface interaction and can overcome the well-known deficiencies of rendering with tristimulus color models. We present a variant of the precomputed radiance transfer algorithm that is tailored towards real-time spectral rendering on modern graphics hardware. Our method renders diffuse, self-shadowing objects with spatially varying spectral reflectance properties under distant, dynamic, full-spectral illumination. To achieve real-time frame rates and practical memory requirements we split the light transfer function into an achromatic part that varies per vertex and a wavelength-dependent part that represents a spectral albedo texture map. As an additional optimization, we project reflectance and illuminant spectra into an orthonormal basis. One area of application for our research is virtual design applications that require relighting objects with high color fidelity at interactive frame rates.



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